About Froodi

What's Froodi?

Froodi is a web-application that connects people.
People that have similar interests, are in the same area, and want to share an activity. That can be one-on-one, or with more people.

Watch our three minute Froodi video for more background information.

Our Promises

These are our promises to our users.
If it makes you feel better, you can call it a User Agreement or Privacy Statement.

  1. We do our best to make Froodi a useful, pleasant and safe experience.
  2. We respect your privacy, as we do ours. When you create an account, we store your account details. (With this, we also aim at being GDPR compliant.)
  3. We do not retain, or sell, your activity information.
  4. We store data for three weeks, for support purposes only. (You are our customer, not our product. ;-)
  5. To keep Froodi a fun experience, we take the liberty to contact, or even block people who misuse Froodi. In case of abuse, we will help authorities to track down the culprit.
  6. When we change our policies, we will inform you - in advance - via email.
  7. We take your feedback serious, and use it to improve Froodi. Thanks for helping!

How Froodi came about...

It all started in Vienna - Austria - in 2013.

One of the members of our team was doing an assignment in the city. At the end of the day, looking around the beautiful city, a thought struck. "Here I am, walking alone through one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to connect to someone who could show the city, go to a jazz club, or just discuss Life, the Universe and Everything over a drink or dinner?"

Such a simple idea. But it took until 2015 to really start working on it. Starting with Tjaco Oostdijk for development, and Rogier Hof as founder for the managerial stuff. Niels Langeveld, our smart math-whizz, supported with algorithms and other nifty stuff.

At the end of 2016, after a period of development, testing and learning, we ran into scaling and performance issues with our technoloy, based on Ruby on RAILS. We decided to rebuild the application from the ground up. (Yes, that hurt. ;-) We took a leap of faith, moved to a new programming language called Elixir with the Phoenix web-framework, and never looked back.

In 2017 Mikalai Seva joined the team for hosting and security wizardry, and Keegan Meijer - IT student in Amsterdam - joined as our handyman, engaging fellow students with testing and other things.

It's 2018 now, and what better time to launch than Christmas, the time to share happy moments together? All of us hope you'll enjoy Froodi, and that it will create more meaning and joy in people's lives!


Originated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Froodi consists of a small team of five.

Launching in New York, USA, and aiming on connecting and serving as many people as possible, we are internationally focused.

Althougn a for-profit organization, our aim is to wisely spend profit to better serve our users, and with that, our mission to create more meaning and joy in life. See the Froodi Manifest for details.

Froodi is privately owned, and privately funded. Our revenue model is based on our users paying a small fee to enjoy Froodi. This also ensures people are who they say they are, serving a better Froodi experience for all.



You can follow Froodi news (and remarks) on Twitter: @froodilicious


Please send an email to us


Please have a look at our Help page, where most questions are answered.
If that doesn't work, please checkout our Feedback page.

Developers, and More

If you're a developer, designer or deckhand, and you want to contribute, please do contact us! You might want to read our Manifest first, so you know what you're getting into.

All other contact

For all other contact, please direct an email to support@froodi.com.

Proudly powered by...

We're a bit of a tech-savvy bunch, so why not share the nerdiness?

Our tools of the trade:

Elixir programming language, Phoenix web framework, PostgreSQL database, GitLab for cloudbased version management, Slack to exchange ideas and team communication, Trello for agile projedt management, and Sublime Text for code editing.

Our partners in goodness:

Linode for hosting, Sendgrid as email provider, Twilio to do the phone number verification, Stripe as payment provider, and Google Maps for the map overview to see Froods in the 'hood.

To all of the parties above; thanks for doing what you do!